ProXL Clearcoat and Hardener Kit

ProXL Generation20 High Solids Clearcoat And Hardener Kit

– Fast-drying time with excellent flow out, ideal for coating both large and small surfaces

– Dry to handle in just 25-30 minutes force dried at 60°C
– Achieves a UV resistant, high-gloss and durable finish in just 2 coats

– Hardener available in Standard, Fast and Extra Fast speeds to suit a huge variety of applications

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Flows and lays so nicely. Easy to nib and polish and very glossy. Very very impressed.”  Karl Ian Hoppo, Facebook.

“Fresh repaint, really like using this ProXL Clearcoat.”  Sam Shepherd, Facebook.

“I was really surprised how nice it is to work with…it polishes up really nice. Anyone looking for a new clear to try this is definitely one to give a go.”  Sam, Facebook.