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ProXL INDUSTRIAL has been developed for use in the harshest surroundings using advanced coatings. Key features of ProXL INDUSTRIAL include excellent coverage, lasting durability and ease-of-use every time. Whether it’s a simple paint repair in a factory or a large refinish project on an oil rig, ProXL INDUSTRIAL covers every part of the process. From primers that provide over a 1000 hours of salt spray resistance to acrylic topcoats that offer a Direct to Metal all in one finish, ProXL INDUSTRIAL has been developed with the professional in mind.

Zinc Rich Primer

Ultimate Cathodic protection
ZINC RICH PRIMER provides a 90% zinc content coating with 1000 hours salt spray resistance. This product is intended for small areas or for touch-up of new, bare steel or galvanised steel in light industrial exposures, corrosive environments and high humidity areas.

• Ultimate Cathodic protection of bare or galvanised steel
• 90% pure zinc content in dry film
• Re-coat within 30 mins
• Temperature resistant to 350°c
• Matches old zinc galvanising

Acrylic Topcoat

Outstanding industrial colours for durability
ACRYLIC TOPCOAT gives an excellent UV resistant finish that provides good gloss levels and opacity. Drying times are fast allowing quicker handling of articles. Can be applied directly to metal substrates and has anti corrosive properties.

• High-quality Acrylic finish
• Excellent durability and UV resistance
• Very fast drying
• Good opacity
• Available in over 40 RAL colours with the addition of Agricultural and Construction colours, as well as Safety and Pipeline colours

Anti Corrosion Primer

1K Epoxy primer for direct to metal
ANTI CORROSION PRIMER is an Epoxy based primer with exceptional adhesion properties to aluminium, galvanised steel, stainless steel and mild steel.
Excellent corrosive properties with 400 hours salt spray resistance. Ideal for applications where there is a mixture of metal substrates and fast re-coat times are needed.

• Direct adhesion onto aluminium, galvanise, stainless and mild steel.
• Excellent anti-corrosive properties
• Very good overcoat times
• Available in 2 colours

Rapid Zinc Rich Primer

Rapid Cathodic Protection for galvanised steel
RAPID ZINC RICH PRIMER provides very fast dry-ing times with ultimate cathodic protection.
Provides 700 hours of salt spray resistance making it ideal for corrosion protection in harsh environments.
Ideal for use on-site or during production for repairs and spot priming of any metal substrate especially galvanised steel

• Ultimate protection – 90% pure zinc content in dry film
• Rapid drying – Touch Dry in 5 mins
• Very good high build finish

Very High Temperature Topcoat

Ultimate protection up to 800°c
VHT Topcoat is for treated and untreated surfaces exposed to very high temperatures.
It is suitable for use on flues and pipework. It can be sprayed onto bare metal without the
need to prime first.

• Heat resistant up to 800°c
• Good coverage and filling properties
• Excellent adhesion to steel, mild steel and aluminium

Ultimate Grip Primer

Adhesion promoter for difficult substrates
ULTIMATE GRIP PRIMER is an advanced clear adhesion promoter that has excellent adhesion to many substrates.
The product has been tested on the following: most types of plastic, non ferrous metal including aluminium and stainless steel, also glass, porcelain and E coat substrates.

• Excellent adhesion to Alu, Galvanised and Stainless Steel and Hard Plastics
• Fast drying. Re-coat after 30 minutes
• Can be overcoated with all other primers
• Provides a ‘nano’ layer with zero build

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