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Generation20 – Complete Refinish Solution

Welcome to Generation20! Here at ProXL we have always strived to be the leading professional range of refinish coatings, not just in the UK but globally. After many years of hands on experience we can confidently say that the year 2020 is the next big milestone for ProXL. From starting as a small professional aerosol range in 2008 and growing to become the UK’s market leading professional aerosol range in 2019, we are ready to embark on the next stage!

We are pleased to announce that we have started to launch a complete professional range of market leading refinish products. Following the great success of the ProXL brand we are looking forward to using Generation20 to bring you a complete professional refinish solution. We invite you to jump on board and join us on this exciting journey over the next 10 years of Generation20!

Keep your eyes peeled as further releases will follow over the coming weeks

  • Generation20 Panelwipe is a specialist degreaser and panelwipe that effectively cuts through contaminants prior to painting. It is carefully formulated to avoid any attack on existing paint films and can be used over bare metal and or existing paint surfaces. Available in Slow, fast and extra fast evaporation times.

  • Generation20 Universal
    Thinner is a high quality 2K solvent blend which is used for thinning of polyester basecoats, pearlescent and candy base paints, 2K paints and lacquers. Available in slow, standard and fast speeds.

  • Generation20 Rocket paint accelerator is an additive that can be used with 2K isocyanate hardeners to achieve faster through-cure. A fantastic accelerator for 2K
    paints, clearcoats and primers. Supplied in 250ml and 500ml sizes.

  • Generation20 PU Sealer is a high quality polyurethane sealant/adhesive that can bond & seal.
    It is easy to extrude and tool up and is suitable for internal and external sealing and is UV resistant.

  • Generation20 Dry Guide Coat is the quickest and most cost effective system for highlighting imperfections such as pinholes and scratches in filler and primer. It ensures bodywork is flat and body styling contours are true prior to final coat application.

  • ToughOX is a High Performance 2K Polyurethane Structured Coating, ideal for truck beds, heavy machinery and industrial structures.

    This durable coating is available in both black and tintable versions.

  • Generation20 Anti-Silicone Additive can be used to prevent the formation of craters or “Fish Eyes” in the paint film as a result of contaminants such as silicones. Comes in an easy-to-use 250ml dosing bottle.

  • ProXL Generation20 Clearcoat Hardener Kit

    Generation20 High Solids Clearcoat and Hardener Kit, offering fast drying times with excellent flow out, ideal for coating both large and small surfaces.
    Available in both Standard and Fast speeds. Achieves a UV resistant, high-gloss and durable finish in just 2 coats.

  • ProXL Universal 2K Hardener

    Generation20 Universal 2K Hardener, available in both Standard and Fast speeds. Provides excellent gloss retention, suitable for 2K Clearcoats, Primers and Solid Colours.

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